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  • Blood and bone: The story of KIT D816V testing

    Another key tool in the haematological assessment toolkit is testing for KIT D816V. The presence of this somatic mutation in clonal cells is common in SM. However, the question of which tissue type should be tested for KIT D816V to yield the highest sensitivity result is only just now being answered. Navarro-Navarro et al. recently employed several elegant assays to explore whether different sets of blood or bone marrow samples produce more accurate results for KIT D816V positivity in SM, with the aim of optimising the test’s sensitivity as well as exploring its potential for prognostics.1

  • The tryptase puzzle: Considerations for tryptase diagnostics

    Tryptase measurements have become part of the haematological assessment toolkit for physicians, but their interpretation is only one part of the complex mast cell biology puzzle.1 So how can we utilise the potential of tryptase levels to home in on the correct diagnosis for patients? Beyens et al. set out a useful algorithm and considerations for the correct interpretation of tryptase levels in patients.

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